On this page you will find some helpful resources for your Christian life. This page will most certainly remain a work in progress. To my knowledge, the resources listed here meet my standards relating to Biblical issues.  I cannot guarantee links on some of these other sites lead to appropriate information, although I do try to vet as much as I can.

Bibles and related items
Open an online version of the King James Bible here
Local Church Bible Publishers offers great Bibles at a reasonable cost
The Common Man’s Reference Bible

SwordSearcher is an excellent resource for PC based Bible study
StudyLamp  Bible study, devotional, and productivity software

King James Bible
AV1611 has some very good information on the King James Bible defense issue

Chick Tracts  Comic style Bible tracts for all ages
Fellowship Tract League offers great free tracts
Bible Tracts Inc also offers free Bible tracts

SwordSearcher Forums
King James Bible Forums

Publication Ministries
Way of Life offers the publication ministry of Brother David Cloud

End Times
End Times news and Bible study at Now The End Begins
Pre-Tribulation rapture resources at Rapture Ready

Audio Resources
FBN Radio offers OTA, Internet, and dial up audio option for Christ honoring music and Biblically based teaching and programming.